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 in  this  post on how to

trade Forex gold oil indices crypto and

bonds and pretty much any market using

supply and demand technical analysis and

this posts for those traders who are

really wondering how and if my supply

and demand techniques can be used on

indices bonds etc and I get a lot of

questions so I thought let me make a

right you can trade my strategy supply

and demand on any single market it is

applicable now there are steps before

that you have to be aware of them one of

the major steps is you have to ask

yourself what makes the market move if

you're trading let's say for example

gold what is it that makes you know the

gold price rise or fall and it comes

down to fundamentals understanding the

market fundamentals the risk sentiment

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and general inter market analysis to

determine your directional bias so every

market has its own driving you know find

fundamentals driving forces kind of

thing here and what provides really

value to you know forex forex exchange

rate gold etc so with forex

currencies value is really dependent

upon interest rate inflation the

country's GDP and risk sentiment yes a

resentiment meaning that there are

certain currencies that will Japanese

Genda Swiss franc that will benefit from

a risk off environment and there are

commodity currencies like the Australian

dollar New Zealand dollar and the

Canadian dollar that will benefit from a

risk on environment so gold is more risk

sentiment driven so again a risk off

environment there's a lot of uncertainty

in the world fear going on

due to you know could be politics could

be war could be even the cheapening of

currency so for example when the dollar

is cutting and Federal Reserve is

cutting interest rates that could have

also affect gold so you know risk

sentiment the US dollar global supply

and demand global supply and demand not

so much but usually it's risk sentiment

in the US and what's going on in the

economy in the US dollar so oil again

global supply and demand and also

affected by things like by you know that

war sentiment risk sentiment as well

embassies again country's GDP with

sentiment and government Treasury bonds

again interest rates and really risk

sentiment and inter market analysis is

just a study of different markets on

each other so for example gold and is a

risk asset so what you'd find is is that

money will pour into gold when traders

are taking when I take that risk off the

table if they want to and into a safe

haven asset if they want to for example

they feeling a bit bullish and they want

to you know put more risk on the table

then gold doesn't really pay you know

dividend it doesn't pay you know any

kind of interest so what will happen is

gold will go down but then stock markets

will tend to go higher and it's the same

thing you know with with certain Forex

pairs when there's risk off again you'll

have the Japanese yen and the Swiss

franc tend to you know an increase in

value as a store value and and physical

the Australian dollar and commodity

currencies tend to decline in the risk

of environment so there are inter market

relationships that you have to also be

aware of but the main thing is you're

asking me why how does supply and demand

fit into you know trading indices or you

know whatever market

you know crypto you have to understand

what makes your market move first before

you even look at price charts so just a

quick overview of understanding really

what supply and demand isn't it really

supply and demand zone is a potential

value right we understand and the way I

teach supply and demand is to really

understand that you're looking for

bargain or your bargain hunting bargain

hunt by using the higher high higher low

and lower high and lower low principal

so pretty much what you have is this now

if this is an expensive area yeah and

this is cheap area or bargain why is

that because buyers got in push the

market higher then if this is obviously


yeah it's an expensive that area buyers

no longer willing to buy at that price

it's deemed expensive then obviously

when prices make a new high yeah a new

high here if this was the previous

expensive area yeah buy a start buying

again if prices go past the previous

expensive area then this is seen as a

strong level of demand and buying yeah

because it was buying with so much in

such volume that it went past what was

considered a previously expensive area

so creating higher highs higher lows so

what you want to do you understand the

principle again that's expensive and

this is only a bargain if it proves to

be if price proves to go past what would

be considered an expensive area and then

on a pullback on a pullback this would

be proved to be a bit expensive now

again what you want to do is more

traders make the mistake of doing is

trading you know supporting resistant

supporting resistance is not the bargain

not to say that it can't go higher but

if you want to look for bargain and

always trade bargains this area here

yeah is where you want to look for the

best price and the absolute best price

is down here here you're probably buying

at maybe 50% 38% discount maybe even 61

percent discount where the demand zone

isn't where the bargain is is right yeah

yeah so higher highs higher low pulse is

what I use to determine potential value

and bargain because if it was a bargain

here at this point the prices have

pulled back then the first touch of that

level is always a great opportunity to

look for buying opportunities

yeah so what we're going to do is we're

going to look at another market and we

look at a technical analysis on

something like for example gold so when

it's gold shot what I've done is I've

stopped the price action in replay mode

on trading view - really the beginning

of the year and reason why I've done

that is because again going back to I

was saying earlier with regards to why

is why does the market move and what you

have to do is understand the principles

of why what drives you know the price of

the market that you're willing you'll

want to trade there's no point just

looking at the technical analysis well

for me anyway

I couldn't just make price action work

for me I have to understand why I'm

buying something won't give something

its value and why is it more likely to

rise in the future other than you know a

pin bar at a level of supply and demand

why there's a lot more that goes into


so gold at the beginning of the year

January 2nd 3rd right now there was a

Bloomberg report and probably several

other reports at the beginning of the

year that said central banks are on the

biggest gold buying spree in half a

century this is the very first in

January the central banks of second

largest here in practices on record

demand for Haven in Europe also aided

demand in 2018 so pretty much they were

buying pretty much buying up a lot of

gold so why is that right so central

bank's expected to buy an additional six

hundred tons and diversify their foreign

exchange at this time for assets in a

time of extraordinary political

volatility signal a growth in confidence

in the metals moving forward alright so

what we had at the beginning of the year

and I'm heading into the year was you

know there were some known owns so he

had brexit coming on the horizon we had

you know Donald Trump trade war etc

write these things hadn't you know ended

they hadn't was seen

so again slowing global growth for

weaker US dollar and a drive by central

banks to expand the amount of call they

could hold could be a winning trifecta

for investors seeking a recovery in the

metals price after its annual loss in

three years so there was a lot of risk

yeah involved yeah in in in in in the

coming year that the central bank's had

obviously looked for and he says these

are the smartest guys in the room by the

way so when these guys say that they're

buying yeah they're not buying because

of price action why they're buying

because of risk sentiment and

fundamentals so we go back to the gold

chart they were obviously buying in you

know from 2018 yeah that even though

that report was from the 31st of January

once it was reported on you know that

the central banks were way ahead of the

curve so getting back to supply and

demand so what does that mean for supply

and demand right what that meant is is

that what you wanted to do I understand

in that trade idea is you want just to

just be a buyer of gold at levels of


yeah higher highs higher lows so we're

going to go through the chart and look

for buying opportunities so let's say

there was a buying opportunity right

there yeah so prices made higher highs

pulled back buying opportunity prices

made nothing move

there we have a little bit right there

so now these are your opportunities to

look for buying opportunities yeah

forward and this was a potential buying

opportunity if that was just as accurate

zoom in a little bit yeah there we go so

it just about touched that demand zone

right I did talk

buying opportunity this is a daily

timeframe by the way which is why I use

and we look to go down into the lower

timeframe to look for entries so as soon

as prices yeah as soon as prices came

down into that demand zone there was a

buying opportunity on a lower timeframe

like the hourly for hourly etc you know

so decent buying opportunity price is

making a new high so then let's go forth

in that whole area there it's probably

now Demond so now what we're looking for

is a pullback into this area and a

reason why that is demand because prices

have made a brand new higher higher

higher higher low principal yeah go

prices come down now this was obviously

proven not to be a strong area of demand

whatever was happening here whether it

was negative sentiment anything could

have been happening here not all demand

zones are going to you know produce a

profit yeah

so you may have entered you may not have

entered depending on price action fine

no worries the next opportunity to get

long would be and this demand zone right

here and what we're going to do

something to help slightly as well go

remember we're not looking at supply

zones we're just looking at demand

because we're understanding what is

driving the market go nice reaction off

that demand zone right there

so then give that cross that bit back

bit yeah and you move forth so again got

a nice move up here decent move then

prices broke fruit now again one of the

principles of supply and demand is the

more times 11 is touched the weaker it

becomes is level is to touch this fresh

area of demand touched once twice third

time does the weaker it becomes so there

wasn't necessary a great area of demand

the prices came down to this area of the

Mont so now you're buying gold at what a

better price buying old up here good

buying the lows yeah here we go

brilliant yeah got a nice nice move

maybe our surprises start to make higher

highs higher lows go start drawing

levels of demand as prices keep making

higher highs is a level of demand here's

a level of demand

because prices are making higher highs

and higher lows we've got to do is wait

for a bargain yeah till prices prove the

prices make new high and they prove that

prices are no longer expensive here then

we can start to draw some demand zones

in areas to see if this is going to be

proved to be a bargain area there we go

and let's prices make new hires we are

demand zone

and move that pretty much up here as


let's keep going sir price is

technically made anew hi there as well

there we go

ice has made a new high

come down into the level of demand here

go so you can clearly see yeah you can

clearly see that if you just had a

single idea and you had a bit of

patience and you know you understood

what drives you know the market that you

want to be a buyer of yeah or a seller

of you can see for the whole year all

you had to do was buy at demand and buy

at pullbacks had you have got you know a

bit of a pullback into those levels yeah

so if you don't know if you don't

understand why a market is moving and

what drives price and why you're buying

a value then you're a grave disadvantage

and every market has it's it's it's it's

macroeconomic drivers

so anyways you can trade you know supply

and demand my supply and demand strategy

in any single market but you have to

understand what drives your market so I

hope that helps and guys I wish you all

the best if you have any questions

please just email me at info at trading

180 comm or you can leave a comment in

the description box below if you're

watching this on youtube hope you have a

great trading week and take care





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