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how to make 1000 $ in us30 in one day

how to make 1000 $ in us30 

 day training addict

 and i haveanother great video for you guystoday i'm going to show you guys theonly us dirty trading strategyyou will ever need okay i'm going toshow you how to make1k a day trading the us 30. so you readyokay so let's go now the strategythat we are going to use to make 1ka day is called supply and demand andi'm going to show you guys a live videolater on okay so bear with me but i wantto show you guysexamples first on why i actuallytrade this strategy okay i'm gonna showyou guys why this strategy is sopowerfulso if you look at this screen right nowwe arelooking for aggressive buying andaggressive selling why is that wellwe all know that us retailers we cannotpush the market so we have tofollow the leader i know some of youguys you knowprobably have been taught hey man youknow don'tbe a follower be a leader no in thisgame guys you wantto be a follower you want to follow therich okay you don't want to follow theherd okay sothis example right here to the left wehave the market going up and we haveaggressive buying right herelook how we have multiple green candlesin a rowso when price comes back to this levelright hereguess what i want to be a buyer whybecause if price decided to movea lot okay around this area okay we'repretty much started at it's a strongpossibility that whoever pushed thismarket upright here is going to buy more when itcomes back to this area right here rightso i want to be a buyer when it comes tothis areaso if they do push this market up ican profit from that okay and you willsee this happen overand over and over and over now we have adown example right here the market isgoing down if it comes back to thisarea right here guys this

 supply arearight here guysi

 want to be a seller why becausewhoeversold this market right here it's astrong possibilityokay that they will sell some more whenit comes back to this areaand i'm looking for my profits so i'mgoing to show you guys someexamples right now on the chart andagain the reason why i really love thisstrategy guys number oneyou are following the rich okay you'refollowing the people that move themarketand number two i can use this strategyno matter what the market is doingif it's ranging if it's trending ifit's reversing okay i can use it onsupport and resistancewhatever the market is doing guys i canuse this strategy that's why i reallylove this strategy solet me show you guys some examples firstand then i'm gonna show you guys a videoof me trading this strategylive making 1k in a day so let's gonow this is a market that most you guyslook at and say you know what nah idon't think i want to trade that marketand mark's not really you know doinganything well when i look at this marketi seean opportunity okay so we have righthere the marketpretty much going up right down updown it's not really doing nothing rightnowwhen we decide to go down right herenotice how we havea lot of aggressive selling right hereso mepersonally i will wait for price to comeback to this area right here okayand i will look for some type ofreactionnow to keep things simple we are goingto get inas soon as price get to thiszone right here okay and we can actuallyput our stop lossabove that zone and we can look for ourprofits okayto keep things simple on this video buti have other videos you canlook on my channel where i go in youknow detail where you can just usecandlesticks if you want toum you know to get in so that is aranger market let me show you guysanother example okayso what do we have here well a marketthat looks like it's not doing anythingbut i do see an opportunity i see themarketgoing up okay down up down up downand next thing you know okay i seeaggressivebuying right here well i want to be abuyerif price comes back to this level righthere guysand if price comes back to this levelright here i want to be a buyer becausei knowthat smart money aka the rich okaydecided to push

 up this market so ifthey docome back to this area again it's astrong possibilityokay they might buy again to push up themarket even moreso me personally i would get in andi will look for profits right so this ishow i'm attacking the marketevery single day i'm looking for smartmoney to show their hands firsti don't want to buy just because i seea candlestick no i want to see smartmoneyfirst and then i want the price to comeback to that areaand then i want to be either a buyer ora sellerokay that's how i look at the market letme show you guys another exampleokay so this example we are looking atthe market reversing okay soyou have the market going up and nextyou know it started to reversenow a lot of times it will come backright let's say that it started toreverse right it would come backto this area right here so you noticehow we have aggressive selling righthere so let's say that the market wasgoing okay to come back to this arearight here so we started to reverseand then i see the market do somethinglike this come back to this areai will definitely get in okay but itdidn't give methat you know option right here so thenext available opportunity is right hereso the market okaysold off right here it came back and itgaveus okay a nice you know down move righthereto gain some profits and also gave youanother okaysupply right herewe have aggressive selling right here sothis could be another supplyzone right here okay and you go shortand you can look for profits and this iswhat i'm doing every single day guysright it doesn't matter if the market isreversingit doesn't matter if the market istrending it doesn't matter if the marketis rangingi'm looking for opportunities no matterwhat and actually have an indicatorthat spots these supply and demand zonesif you don't know how to basically youknow spotsupply and demand but i teach mystudents how to look forsupply and demand without this indicatorbut you know if you're newit could definitely help you and noticehow we have these shortsignals these short signals only work ifit's at a key levelso notice how we are not at a key levelright

 here um actually we do have 

a keylevel right here so we have this supplyright here soi will mark this down all right but ifprice is not at that key leveli wouldn't take you know a shortconfirmation okay off these levels butyou will wait for a price to come backto a key level like supply okay noticehow we haves for supply and you look for you knowto go shortbut anyway guys this is what i'm doingevery single day i'm looking for supplyand demandso let's go to more examples now okay sohere's a trendingexample we have the market going up wehave this aggressivebuying all right i want to be a buyerwhen it comes back to this area righthereokay and then i want to look for myprofitsactually it gave us another you knownice buying right here soeven if you missed this one this wasanother opportunity right here guysand you go long right here okay and youpretty much look for your profits rightand againthis is what i'm doing every single dayand this works with any market today i'mtalking about the us 30 but it doesn'tmatterwhat market you're looking at it worksright solet me show you guys another example andthen i'm gonna show you guys my livetrading so let's go okay guys soremember i told you guys it doesn'tmatter what it is if the market'srangingtrending you know doesn't matter we havesupport and resistance right here rightmultiple touches right here marketbreaks it it was resistance nowsince we broke that resistance turnedinto what supportit came back to support now and guesswhat it gave usthis nice aggressive buying right hereso when the market comes back to thatarea guys guess whati want to be a buyer socome back i'm looking to buy get in themarket and looking for my profitsthis is what i'm doing every single dayguys right so let's go to that liveexample guys so i can show you guys howi look at the marketwhen i'm trading live so let's go okayso this is pretty much when istarted to record my screen right um iwasn't trying to record that day sothat's why i started to record late butlet's look at this example right here ifyou look to the left right here we havesupportthe market came back to support itbounced off supportand it came back to this demand levelright here let me show you real quick soyou see this box right here that i'mbasically um putting in right here themarket came backto that demand now i'm looking on theone-minute chart okayit doesn't matter what time frame youare looking at ityou know shows up on the one-minutechart the five-minute chart the one-hourchart you know i day trade soi'm looking at you know small timeframes um butyou know i definitely don't recommendtraders to look at the one-minute chartif you're new i've been doing this for13 years soyou know it doesn't bother me now i sawdemand it came back to that demandlevel right here and i got in and thenwent backup and so i added some more okay i addedsome more while the market was goingback upso if you look at the market right nowguys i'm pretty muchup like around 400 and something dollarsso i'm waiting for the market togo to my level okay so i cantake my profit so let's fast forwardthis a little bit nowthis is the five minute chart i switchedto the five-minute chart and i want youguys to notice somethingi'm waiting for the market to push toyou know my profit targetbut the market is pulling back and ifyou want tobecome great okay or very good when itcomes to trading guys you have to learnhow to be patient yes the market couldcome backand stop me out for break even but if itcomes backand hit me break even it is what it isyou can't get scared when it pulls backbecause you have to understand themarket doesn't go straight upor it doesn't go straight down so whenyou are waiting for your profits okayespecially if you have a big reward andyou're waiting for that rewardokay you have to be patient and dealwith the little pullbacksokay so let's fast forward this andlet's see what happened nextokay so the market started to pop up andnotice that right nowi'm up around like 800 okayand i'm waiting for that market to popeverything looking goodand this is why i told you guys to bepatient with your tradesdon't get out just because you know youseeone pullback of course you have to havea plan some doing this for you know 13 years umyou know i'm used to this stuff sothis is not me just blindly going in andsaying i hope this works noi understand what price is doing and iunderstand it's a strong possibilitythat can actually go to my profit target


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