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S&P 500: Volume Profile and Price Action Analysis for 2022

S&P 500: Volume Profile and Price Action Analysis for 2022 

hello guys it's dale here and in today'spost i would like to talk about the eswhich is futures for the standards andpoor's index 500.

index 500 

there's a nice intraday level to tradefrom so i'll show you that but beforethat i'd like to show you the trade fromyesterday's prediction on the australiandollar japanese yen that's from thepost which i sent you yesterdaythe trade was based on the rejectionsetup on those volumesthis was the short level i sent outyesterdayand this was the reactionso i hope you guys are trading that itwas a very nice reaction very nice tradevery precise trade entryso yeah that's about that prediction onthe australian dollar japanese yen fromyesterday let me now switch the chart tothe esso this is the es features for the s pindexit is a 30 minute chart and the thing iwanted to talk aboutis a trend setup which has formed theresolet me first show you that trend this isthe trend the setup is based on rightand as you can see that trendwent through several highsthose highsso this areaworked as a resistancein the past rightthe price was reacting to itnow the price went past that resistancewhich means that this resistance zonebecame a support zone right resistanceturned into a supportthat's what happens when resistance getsbreached and when the price gets past itthen it becomes a support it's old priceaction setup but there's also one morething and that thing isi would say more important than thatso let me

 use volume profile over thattrend areaand

 the important thing is thisthis volume clustersignificant volume areathat got formed within that uptrendnow such significant volume areaindicates that there were buyers addingto the long positions there at the placewhere the pricebroke all those highsright sostrong buyers who pushed through thatresistancewere adding to the long positions inherenow the price is above that support zoneabove that levelbut when there's a pullbacki expect that the buyers from this placewill want to defend that zoneand they'll want to push the priceupwards from there againall right so as you can see this is acombo of two trading setups one tradingsetup is based on volume profileright there this volume cluster createdwithin a trend this is a setup calledthe trend setupandalso the other setup is the setup whichsays that resistancebecomes a supportall rightso that supportis around 44 22 that's the support when the price makesit back to that supporti expect a reaction and i expect buyersto push the price upwards from thereagain all right so that's the logicbehind this trading idea on the esi hope you guys liked it i hope youliked the post if you would like tolearn more about trading with volumeprofile and if you would like to

 tradealongside me every day then what irecommendr

 and thenext best step isgo to trading course andtools so you click that you scroll downa bit and what i recommendis getting the elite back the elite packis an educational pack that will teachyou everything there is about tradingwith volume profile and there is a postwhich you can watch that will show youeverything that's included in the elitepack in chart the elite pack includes apost course it includes my date tradingand swing trading levels that you'll begetting each day it also includes volumeprofile indicators that i developed andalso a couple of bonuses now at the topof that it also includes free techsupport for elite bank members and whatthat means is that our tech support teamwill set up ninja trader a platform foryou with all my indicators they'll loadup my trading workspaces they'll connectyou to data feed and they'll do itcompletely free of charge as that's thepart of the service that we provide tothe leadpack members alright so that'sabout it that's about the led pack andthat's also about this post i hope youguys liked it i hope you found it usefuland i'll be looking forward to seeingyou next time in some next post or inour members area and until then happytrading


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