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VWAP Trading Strategies 2022 esay money

VWAP Trading Strategies 2022 esay money 


for having me herefor the third time actually with thirdwebinar today's topic is going to be theV which stands for volume weightedaverage price and what you'll learn isthis first we'll go quickly through aview of description and through somebasic logic of how to use the viveindicator then the core of the webinarwill be the view up trading setups thenwe'll go through the view up settingsI'll show you my personal favoritesettings which I use to trade with aview up so you can trade those tradingsetups the same way as I do and then thelast part of the webinar is going to bemy favorite combination of tradingindicators which is the view up plus thevolume profile so before we go into allthat I'll just do a brief introduction Iknow that the private a lot of peoplewho know me from my website buthopefully also some people who neverheard of me so just a brief introductionas far as my education goes I studiedfinance in university I became acertified portfolio manager investmentmanager and I also have a financialderivative certification I was workingas a market analyst for some time in abig brokerage company but I didn'treally like that I didn't really likeworking in this company for two reasonsactually the first reason was that Ididn't like how this company treatedtheir customers you know they justwanted the money of their customers andthey weren't really into like making anyprofits for the customers so I didn'tlike that approach also I didn't reallylike having a boss telling me what to doso I quit this company and I focusedfull-time on trading I was learning howto trade it was like twelve to fifteenhours every day I started doing thataround 2008 that was when a crisisstarted first I started with stocks thenI went into more complicated stuffit was investment certificates then Iwent into automated trainingstance and for the last couple of yearsI've been training mostly manually in2016 I found in the website traded hisday a lot to come and 

 developedindicators for a ninja trade

r seven anda ninja trader eight I developed volumeprofile indicators and also the view upindicator and what I also did was that Iwrote this book which you can see onyour screen volume profile the insidersguide to trading you'll get this bookfor free at the end of the webinaralright so let's get to it well let'sget to view up now what we have standsfor is volume weighted average price andit is one of the most commonly usedalgorithm of big trading institutionsnow the big difference between a V weband the standard average indicator thisis the standard average indicatoreverybody uses everybody tried this onefor trading when they were looking forthe Holy Grail right so there is onesignificant difference between standardaverage and the V WAP indicator and thebig difference is that when youcalculate the standard average youcalculate only with two variables it isthe time and the price and that's it thecalculation only works with time andprice where's the V Bob weighted isweighted by volumes so the calculationhas price time and volume and this isthe important thing the volume thingthis is why institutions like to usealgorithm software'sto trade using vive because institutionslike to trade using volume-basedindicators like folding profile or the VBob now let me demonstrate what thedifference actually is in standardtrading for normal people right soimagine with the standard average forexample the price is moving upwardsthere's an uptrend and you have thestandard average indicator and itbasically follows the price theupwards the average goes also upwardsbut with the vivre up there is a bigdifference because when it's rated withvivre up then the V web actually looksat the volumes and if there is big moneybehind the move then the V web goesupwards that is reacts but if there arelow 

volumes behind 

the move then themove is not that significant becausethere is no big money behind the moveright so if there is an uptrend andthere is no big volume push behind thatthen this uptrend is not really thatstrong because big institutions the bigguys aren't behind this move right andthe view up is able to tell you thatstandard average is not alright sothat's why I like to trade with a viewup that's why it's way better than thestandard average indicator and that'salso why the institutions like tradingwith it now how it looks like if youlook at this picture a V web isbasically a simple line in my softwareit is a yellow line that's it that's VBob it's pretty simple but there's a lotmore to it and a lot of tradingstrategies you can use it for good thingabout the view up is that you can use itwith all trading instruments so itdoesn't really matter if you are tradingforex or futures or communities thereare no limits to that you can use V labor any sort of trading and also thisgoes for the time frame so no matter ifyou are internally trader scout traderif you are more long-term trader itdoesn't matter you can use the view upfor all training styles it's all aboutjust setting the vivre up right and I'llshow you that later in this webinar allright so let's get into the basic logicof view up now the basic logic is thisinstitutions want to buy cheap and sellexpensive now everybody wants to buycheap and sell expensive right but thisis the basic logic behind the vivebecause this is how an institutealgorithms actually work this is thebasic logic institutions are looking fora by when the price is below vivre up soone if you look at the picture this isthe view up if the price is below viewup institutions are looking for a buynow looking for long trade signals nowif the price is moving above the vive uplike on this picture for example in herethen the institutions are looking for asell now why is that the reason is thatthe vo up works as a magnet there's alot of liquidity around the vive becauseeverybody wants to trade around the viewup it's sort of fair value in the marketso it works as a magnet this is animportant thing to remembervo up always works as a magnet so theprice tends to return to it like thisalright so that's why the basic logicbehind view up is by when the price isbelow vo up and sell when the price isabove you up now the trading strategiesI'm going to show you are not thatsimple this is basically just the basiclogic but you can also build your owntrading strategies just based on thisfact based on the fact then vo up worksas a magnet the price tends to return toit alright so let's move forward apartfrom the give up line which is thisyellow line the indicator I developedalso has standard deviations and thoseare really important at least for my wayof trading now if you look at thepicture then this is the view up andthose gray lines this one and this onethose are first deviations of the viewup now also there is a second line inhere and in here and those are 

seconddeviations of VO 

up now in my tradingand instrategies which I'm going to show youtoday I'm not really into using thesecond deviations some traders use themI already don't I prefer just to use thefirst deviations and also the view upyou can turn those on or off in thesoftware so no problem with thatnow standard deviations are moreresponsive than the view up and for thatreason they are able to show you whetherthere is a trend or a rotation nowsometimes you can tell by just lookingat the price action right whether thereis a trend or whether there is arotation but sometimes is not that clearand also you have to keep in mind thatview up and the deviations calculatewith the volumes now when there is atrend you want to see volumes shiftingyou want to see volumes moving so ifthere's an uptrend you want to seevolumes moving up verts right so this iswhy the deviations can tell you with apretty good accuracy whether there is atrend or a rotation so basically itworks like thatif the deviations move sideways thosegray lines if they move sideways andthere is a rotation if they move likevertically then there is a trend I'llshow you some more examples it will beway more clear for now just rememberthat the deviations show you what thereis a trend or a rotation now also maybemore importantly deviations point tostrong support and resistance zones andthat works in a rotation as well in thetrend market development so this ispretty important in trading strategieswhich I'm going to show you deviationworks as support and resistance zonesnow this is sort of little recap of howto use the view up basically you use itfor threethings use standard deviations toidentify whether there is a rotation ora trend as the first thing the secondone use standard deviations to identifysupport and resistance zones and thirduse veve up that's the yellow line inthe middle as it take profit the reasonfor that is it works as a magnet soremember those three points you canbasically build your own strategiesaround those I'll show you mineright so you up set up number one it hasvery original name rotation set up andit's called a rotation set up because Iuse it when there is a rotation so whatthe first thing with this set up isidentify a rotation as I said you dothat by looking at the first deviationsso you wanna see deviations goingsideways first deviations so this grayline this is the first deviation movessideways this one too so this is arotation right we identify the rotationnow it gets real simple you go shortwhen the price hits this first deviationand you go long when the price hits thisdeviation the slower deviation issupport this one is a resistance theprice is moving between those twobetween this support and this resistanceso let me delete that if you look at thepicture and here the price hit the firstdeviation you go long again in hereanother long another long from here thenfrom this deviation there is a shortfrom this place short from this placealright sothat's how basically you can trade thisrotation set up as I said and I'llprobably say it many times during thiswebinar take profit is the view up itdoesn't need to be but in my experienceit's pretty solid place to take yourprofit alright so we've up line yellowline works as a magnet and it is niceplace to take your profits now anotherexample of this rotation setup let'sfirst have a look at the firstdeviations this one and this one theyare moving sidewaysthey're moving horizontally which meansthat the market is calm and there is arotation so we can start looking for therotation setup this deviation line is asupport this one is a resistance sowhenever the price hits the resistanceor the support you can enter a traderight so short from here short from hereshort from here another touch in hereanother one another one if the pricemade it for example in here to thisplace you would be a long alright it isas simple as that so that's the rotationsetup the second setup also has veryoriginal name it's called the trend setup because you trade it when there is atrend what I'm going to show you is ashort trade scenario alright so I'mgoing to be talking about shorts now thefirst thing you want to do is identify atrend again it is best to identify atrend using the first deviations so inthis case it's actually pretty visibleif you look at the candles right theprice is just moving downwards no waythis was a rotation but anyways let'sstick to the rulefirst deviation heading downwards thisis a strong downtrend so we can startlooking for the trend set up and whatyou want to see is price moving belowthe first deviation like in here priceis moving below it and what we arewaiting for is a pullback to the firstdeviation here the price made thepullback touch the first deviation whatyou want to do is enter a short fromthis place right to participate in adowntrend the price is moving downwardsand the logic behind this setup is youwant to participate in a downtrendyou're looking for a place to do thatthe best place is to look for pullbackand enter a short from the place wherethe price hit and the first deviationalright that's itit's as simple as that another exampleof the same thing first deviation isheading downwards so there is a trend apretty clear downtrend the price ismoving below the first deviation that'swhat you want to see and what you arewaiting for is this pullback price makesa pullback the first deviation when ithits it you go short you go in thedirection of the trend you want toparticipate in the trend right prettysimple isn't it now let me briefly gothrough the trend setup a long tradescenario it's basically the same onlyreversed so I'm going to go through itmore quickly first thing you want to dois identify a trend obviously you wantto identify an uptrend so if you look atthis picture first deviation movingvertically moving upwards this tells youthat the price and volumes two areshifting upwardsso you want to see the price above thefirst deviation like in here and whatyou waiting for is pulled back the firstdeviation when the price hits the firstdeviation like in here you enter a longyou enter in the direction of the trendbecause you want to participate in thattrend right so that's the trend set upone more picture of that so firstdeviation moving vertically movingupwards this tells you that there's anuptrend and you want to see price movingabove that above the first deviationabove the first deviation for the wholetime actually so you just need to waitfor the pullbacksfirst pull back in here you go alonganother one in here another long nowthis play is the price missed the entrynote rate from there another touchanother one another one now in all casesis not that is it that simple this isjust a nice trade scenario where therewas a strong uptrend right now I'll dojust a little recap of the setups I knowthat they are pretty simple but I thinkit's important to do as many recaps aspossible so the first set up rotationsetup what we want to see is a rotationdeviations moving sideways and wheneverthe price hits those deviations you wantto enter a trade so this is a supportyou want to go along from there this oneis a resistance you want to go shortfrom therevo up is the magnet view up is the takeprofit well it doesn't need to be takeprofit I don't really like to sell hardrule to that but it is a good idea toplace your take profit at the view upnowtrend set up you use this one whenthere's a trend in this picture there isa downtrend because the first deviationis moving downwards what you are waitingfor is a pullback when the price touchesthe V Bob you enter a trade you enter ashort in the direction of the overalltrend all right so that's what thesetups but that's not all let's go a bitmore into the settings of how to set upat the V Bob now I'm going to be talkingabout the calculation period and if youlook at this screen this is a screenshot from the settings panel of myindicator my view up indicator now inhere you can choose whether you usedaily weekly monthly or yearly viv upnow what this means is this the dailyview app starts to calculate every day anew so this is the start of a new daythe vo app starts to calculate also thedeviations start to calculate then theday ends in here and the calculationalso stops and as the new day begins newcalculation begins anew so from here newV one gets calculated every day this isthe daily V Bob now if this was weeklyview up the new calculation will beginevery week if this was a monthly view upthe new calculation would begin everymonth and for yearly new calculationwould start at the start of every newyear now if you look in here there is mysuggestion of what settings you use ifyour internet raterthen what I suggest is using daily viewup and we clear up if you are a swingtrader then I suggest using monthly viewupor a yearly view up I personally use theyield in here and if you are a long-terminvestor then use the yearly vivo rightbecause for example monthly or theweekly view up would be just too wild tovote out for you and those wouldwouldn't really give you that muchinformation so if you're a long-terminvestor you want to use the long termyearly view up now let me show you thison example this is a workspace which I'musing for my internet trading this is myintro a trading workspacewhat you see here are three charts allthose charts are linked so they alwaysshow the same trading instrument so forexample if I switch to your dollarworking on this chart then also it willshow on those two alright so those arelinked this one is a 60-minute chart andin here I'm using the weekly view up soevery week new view up and newdeviations start to get calculatedalright this was the video up anddeviations this week and new week opensand new view a band deviations getcalculated all right so this is weeklyview up with 60-minute chart this isgiving me the bigger picture theoverview of the market now this chart inhere this is a 30-minute chart and onthis 30-minute chart I'm using dailyview up more volatile view up every daynew view up gets calculated so in herethere is market open the web getscalculated then it stopsthe next day again the same goes forother deviation as well right soI'm actually using TV labs for ourentire trading weekly and daily weeklygives me the big picture other daily andgives me more detailed picture now if Ihad to choose if I had to use just oneit would be the weekly I like the weeklymore it doesn't give that many signalsas the daily but it's more precise andthe signals are stronger so if you wantto start with in trading with vivo up iactually recommend first trying theweekly right so yeah this third chartthis is simple price action chart withdaily volume profile so there's no bebopin here now let's move on this is aswing trading workspace which I use itis just one chart it is a daily chartand on this chart I'm using only theyield view up so as this year ended viewup stop calculating new year started inhere and new calculation of view upbegan the same goes for the deviationsalright now when this year will endviewable stop calculating and new onewill start right so this is how I planmy swing trades using the yield aviv upgives pretty strong signals the yearlyone now another part which i want toshow you this is actually a prettyinteresting thing because i'm not reallysure that many people actually do thisbut this important thing so let me showyou i think it's pretty important to letthe view up develop before you starttrading with that before you startapplying those trading strategies ishowed you so the reason for you waitingfor the view up to develop is this theview up starts to calculate a new forexample every new dayview up starts to get calculated andbasically it pulls data from here itdoesn't have any data history so itstarts from here and it starts tocollect volume price and time data andin the first in the initial period itdoesn't have enough data so it's sort ofwild it's still collecting data butlater it has more data the indicatorgoes wider it's more stable and you candepend on those lines on the view up andon the deviations because this phase isjust too volatile and it's not reallygood idea to trade in this area rightbecause it's just collecting data thereso what I have in here for you this is arough setting of how I use that so whenI'm trading with the daily view app whatI recommend is waiting around five hoursbefore you start applying thosestrategies I showed you so in here itwould be somewhere in here this wouldmean no trading with view up in thisarea and then the rest of the day itwould be okay to trade with a view upalright so this is the place where it'scollecting data where it's volatilewhere you don't really want to tradewith view up nowwith a weekly view up it's best to waitaround two days with monthly view upit's ten days and we feel leave you upyou want to wait first two months of theyear before you start trading with theyield of Europe now those are just roughnumbers you don't need to follow themlike they are not set in stone right sothis is just rough numbers which I'musing if there is nice tradingopportunity and it sort of goes againstsome of those well you can take it it'snot that crucial to follow thembut you should always has some timebefore you leave the view up calculateand then trade it now the next couple ofpictures going to be just Australians ofI was talking about down so this is adaily view up in here you want to waitfive hours so this is market open thoseare first five hours you don't want touse a view up trading strategies thenthe rest of the day it's okay to tradethem the next day begins in here againfirst five hours no go then the rest ofthe day okay to use the view up now thisis weekly weekly view up which meansevery week new view obligates calculateda new so Monday Tuesday no trading withvivo up not with weekly view upWednesday Thursday Friday it's okaynext week starts in here again MondayTuesday novio up rest of the week okayto use the weekly view up monthly inhere I recommend waiting first ten daysof the month so this period don't tradewith veve up in here you need to waituntil it collects enough data then therest of the month is okay the last onethe yearly you live Eve up it startscalculating here January so JanuaryFebruary is best not to trade with theyearly viv up let it collect enough datathen as it starts to develop you canstart using it and you can trade with ituntil the end of the year here rightthen again January February no view upthe rest of the year it's okay to tradewith the vivonow this brings me into the next partfavorite combination view up plus volumeprofile now I don't know how many of youguys know about volume profiles so I'lljust do brief introduction of the volumeprofile I'll just tell you the mostimportant things about it alright sothis is how volume profile looks likeby the way volume profile one of my mostfavorite indicators probably my mostfavorite indicator well I wrote a bookabout it so it should be my mostfavorite indicator right anyways it is ahistogram which shows price at time andbasically what it says is those placeswere at the volume profile where thehistogram is thick this means that heavyvolumes got traded their heavy volumesmeans big trading institutions which youwant to follow in your trading so thoseprice levels should be working as astrong support and resistance levels allright that's the most important thing toremember about volume profile heavyvolume equals support or resistancethat's it and for this webinar it shouldsuffice but if you want to learn moreabout the volume profile definitely want


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