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Free MACD Strategy Trading 2021

welcome to trade Like pro

 this is theintroduction andrelease Post slash tutorial post forthe newmacd trading strategy script this isbased on the classicmacd strategy where all it uses isan ema with the macd so if we zoom inyou can see the basic strategy beingused herewhenever there is a cross upon the macd that happens below the zeroline of the histogramthat is a long as long as price is abovethe ema and if we look to a shortwe can see whenever there is a crossdownon the macd that happens above the zerolinewe get a short position as long as itoccursbelow the ema now with this script thereare abunch of different customizable featuresthat i'm going to gothrough because you can really changethe settings andcustomize it to

 exactly what you wantthese results i will show you thesettingsfor these but based on what i've beenseeinga lot of the different settings willproduceprofitable back test results from thescriptso it's not super hard to get somethingthatshows profit over the back tested samplesize of tradesso i'm going to go through all thedifferent features show you guys how itworksso let's get into it this is the thirdtrading script to be releasedon the trade pro patreon slash discordpageso you do need to be a chart god patreonmember in order to accessthe three different scripts we will becoming out with scripts every singlemonthso eventually there's going to be a tonof different scriptsthat you will have access to the pricewill never change it's a monthly 20charge to get access to the scripts andessentially they are great for peoplewho want to havethe luxury of getting the alerts whencertain conditions are metin the market so it's absolutely notnecessary to pay any moneyand get the scripts if you want to beprofitable you caneasily be profitable without the scriptsdoing thingsfully manually this is only a luxury sodon't feel pressured to spend money toget access to the scriptsthey're just a luxury item so let's getintoall the

 different features and kind oftalk about different settings and alsothe specialmethod that i have been thinking aboutwhere you can get an extremely high winrateutilizing this kind of weirdunconventional method of tradingso let's check out the settings if wedouble clickon this up at the top we will first seethe macd settings so we have the fastlengthslow length signal length we can changethose i'm just keeping it at defaultat the moment and then one of theinteresting things hereis what you can change about the waythat it takesentries so for the first settingyou can have it with the traditional waywhere it's only taking along when there's a cross up from belowthe zero lineand only a short when there's a crossdown from abovethe zero line but then you can also tellit to only take longs when it crossesup while above the zero line and onlytake shorts when it crosses downwhile below the zero line sokind of a different unconventional wayof doing it so we have both thetraditional waydoing the classic macd strategy asintroducedon the trading rush youtube channel andthe way that was recommended on the

 nononsense forexyoutube channel that way we cancustomizethis script to do whatever we want nextis the ema settingsso you can either change the ema lengthor you can turn it off or on so if youchange it to whatever ema length youwantno matter what the script is only goingto take short below the emaand it's only going to take longpositions above the emai actually found that having a 200period emais not ideal with this strategy sothat's why i have it set to 95.i found the best results in the 85to 130 ema rangeso that's why it is not at the 200 emalike it is in the trading rush videosanother thing isyou can enable this cmf which is thetykanmoney flow as an additional filterthis is to be used in combination withthe alternative method for takingpositionswith the macd you can also try enablingitwith the traditional way using thetrading rush methodbut i don't think that it works as wellwhen you use itwith this way so we'll just see what theresults change to when i doenable it but i think that they getquite a bit worse when i enabled theczech money flow filterso they got a little bit worse and thereweren't as manyentries taken so we're just going to getrid of the check and money flow butyou can use the check of money flow byitselfor you can use the ema by itself or youcan use both of them or neither of themjust depending on what you are lookingfor with the strategyso on to the next thing we have a fewsimple things like if you want it toonly take longsonly take shorts or take both you canrestrictto a certain date range to test it onyou canrestrict to certain times of the daythat you want to test it onyou can have it skip entries if thecommissions are greater than theestimated profitand you can also have an additionalfilter with the rsiso let's get into the rsi filter a bithere so if we enable the rsi filterthere's a couple things that you

canhave it doi'm going to turn it on and explain thedifferent things sothe first one as default you can have itonly take alongwhen rsi is in the oversold territoryand you can have it only take a shortwhen the rsi is in the overboughtterritoryor you can have it only short when thersi's in the oversold territorianonly long when the rsi is in theoverbought territoryso as you can see there's no databecause there are notrade entries that meet criteria if ihave it set like thisso let's change it to where it's onlygoing to take a shortwhen the rsi's in the oversold territoryand only take a longwhen the rsi is in the overboughtterritoryand then we can change these and kind ofsay okay ifthe rsi is over the 55 levelwe only want to take longs and if thersiis below the 45 levelwe only want to be taking shortpositionsso just wait a sec and let it updatewhat the results are as you can see itdoesn't helpall that much with this strategy butit can be used in combination with otherthingsespecially with the other method ofthe macd

 cross entries so i'm just goingto get rid of it for now it did help alittle bitbut not by enough to call it significantnext we have the position exit settingswhich include the stop loss strategytake profit strategy risk award rationow there are a few different ways youcan do thisfirst is an atr based stop lossand then a percentage based stop lossand then for thetake profit target you can have it bepercent based atr basedor just a risk multiplier so if youdecide to choose anatr based stop loss and you want yourstop loss to be2.5 times the atr justchoose 1.2 and it's going to bea 1 to 1.2 risk to reward rationow let's say i want it to be a 1 to 1.5risk to reward ratiowe just change it to 1.5 and let's seehow the results change herethe results actually got better when ichanged to a 1 to 1.5 risk reward ratioso you can play around with the risk toreward ratio andthe type of stop loss placement and takeprofit target placementlet's just quickly try a random numberlike 1 to 1.9and see if it gets better or worse sothe results did get better with theprofit factorincreasing as i gave the risk rewardratiobetter favor so if we change itand go all the way up to 2.5 risk toreward ratiowe'll see if that keeps increasing andgiving us better resultsor if now it starts getting worseso now it dropped down to 1.27 profitfactor sowe can kind of get the idea that maybethe best risk


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