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Forex Candlestick Language

Do NOT assume the outcome of the current candle. A candle is not complete until that time period ends. Common Candle Terms:(Best platrform for trading is  xm mt5 For Me )  Engulfing Bar, Piercing Bar, Dark Cloud Cover, Harami, Thrusting Line. Doji, Star, Hammer, Hangman COG –  These have different levels of penetration into the prior bar’s range.  NR, BT, TT – These are different levels of a slowing in momentum. Changing of the Guard Bar - COG A Bullish COG is defined as three or more consecutive red bars followed by a green bar. Pristine Tip: While there are different variations, the message is always the same ! A reversal in momentum has occurred! fxpro ctrader Narrowing Range Bars - NRB  A series of bars in which the difference between the highs and lows is Narrowing best car assurance  binance mt4 Pristine Tip: While there are different variations, the message is always the same ! A slowing in momentum is occurring ! earn internet  binance mt4 Topping Tail Bars - TT   credit  mt5 w

Free MACD Strategy Trading 2021

welcome to trade Like pro  this is theintroduction andrelease Post slash tutorial post forthe newmacd trading strategy script this isbased on the classicmacd strategy where all it uses isan ema with the macd so if we zoom inyou can see the basic strategy beingused herewhenever there is a cross upon the macd that happens below the zeroline of the histogramthat is a long as long as price is abovethe ema and if we look to a shortwe can see whenever there is a crossdownon the macd that happens above the zerolinewe get a short position as long as itoccursbelow the ema now with this script thereare abunch of different customizable featuresthat i'm going to gothrough because you can really changethe settings andcustomize it to


   market and any time frame understanding this way of trading is so important for anyone interested in being consistently profitable i believe looking at the market in the way i'm going to describe will exponentially increase your chance of being a successful trader so hang tight and get ready for how stupid simple this is it is really simple but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy before i get any further into things just be sure to use my buy bit link in the description of this video if you want to support the channel and start trading on the best crypto exchange