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how to make 1000 $ in us30 in one day

how to make 1000 $ in us30   day training addict  and i haveanother great video for you guystoday i'm going to show you guys theonly us dirty trading strategyyou will ever need okay i'm going toshow you how to make1k a day trading the us 30. so you readyokay so let's go now the strategythat we are going to use to make 1ka day is called supply and demand andi'm going to show you guys a live videolater on okay so bear with me but i wantto show you guysexamples first on why i actuallytrade this strategy okay i'm gonna showyou guys why this strategy is sopowerfulso if you look at this screen right nowwe arelooking for aggressive buying andaggressive selling why is that wellwe all know that us retailers we cannotpush the market so we have tofollow the leader i know some of youguys you knowprobably have been taught hey man youknow don'tbe a follower be a leader no in thisgame guys you wantto be a follower you want to follow therich okay you don't want to follow th

Stock Market: Price Action Analysis (Feb 2022)

Stock Market: Price Action Analysis  hey hey what's up my friends so welcome/back to this month's price action/analysis where i share with you the best/trending markets that i'm seeing in  The markets right now  so we cover stocks we/cover forex commodities and whatnot so/let's kick off right with the stock/market because that's where i'm seeing/the action lies right now so if you look/at the s p 500 recently right we have a/pullback a relatively steep pullback/right from 4800 down to about the low of/4200 so if you look or rather if you do/the math right then it's about a 15/decline i'm just i'm just calculating at/the top of my head about a 15 decline/and if you look back historically on the/s p 500 pullbacks is perfectly right/normal right in the stock market or any/market because you need pullback right/for the trend to sustain itself you know/whether the wick holders they get you/know uh washed out new buyers to come in/the train continue itself

VWAP Trading Strategies 2022 esay money

VWAP Trading Strategies 2022 esay money  NinjaTrader  for having me herefor the third time actually with thirdwebinar today's topic is going to be theV which stands for volume weightedaverage price and what you'll learn isthis first we'll go quickly through aview of description and through somebasic logic of how to use the viveindicator then the core of the webinarwill be the view up trading setups thenwe'll go through the view up settingsI'll show you my personal favoritesettings which I use to trade with aview up so you can trade those tradingsetups the same way as I do and then thelast part of the webinar is going to bemy favorite combination of tradingindicators which is the view up plus thevolume profile so before we go into allthat I'll just do a brief introduction Iknow that the private a lot of peoplewho know me from my website buthopefully also some people who neverheard of me so just a brief introductionas far as my education goes I studiedfinance in u

S&P 500: Volume Profile and Price Action Analysis for 2022

S&P 500: Volume Profile and Price Action Analysis for 2022  hello guys it's dale here and in today'spost i would like to talk about the eswhich is futures for the standards andpoor's index 500 . index 500  there's a nice intraday level to tradefrom so i'll show you that but beforethat i'd like to show you the trade fromyesterday's prediction on the australiandollar japanese yen that's from thepost which i sent you yesterdaythe trade was based on the rejectionsetup on those volumesthis was the short level i sent outyesterdayand this was the reactionso i hope you guys are trading that itwas a very nice reaction very nice tradevery precise trade entryso yeah that's about that prediction onthe australian dollar japanese yen fromyesterday let me now switch the chart tothe esso this is the es features for the s pindexit is a 30 minute chart and the thing iwanted to talk aboutis a trend setup which has formed theresolet me first show you that trend this